Time Capsule
A vault bringing together the 8 year history from Exodus, Serenity Games and New Eden

Early History

SerenityTekkit first started as a small Tekkit Classic server on Aaron's home server. Aaron wanted to setup a Tekkit server for his friends on Serenity, and along with Doomworks the first entry was written to the server log file at 2012-11-11 14:22:49 GMT, which simply read "[INFO] Starting minecraft server version 1.2.5".

At the time of starting, the server was known as "Aaron's Epic Tekkit Server". The server had a range of players from Serenity Builders to Serenity Admins. Not long after starting, NickWages joined Doomworks as a server Admin. A variety of notable players were promoted to Moderator on the server, including LeafToucher, Darklord, Kiwi, Willie, Bengarrr (who later also served as a SysAdmin), CjayJenkins, and others. At the time, no one involved considered the server anything more than a community project, and no one imagined how it would end up shaping the future of Serenity.

One of the current moderators at the time Choccy, encouraged Aaron to create a forum for the server. Aaron agreed, and on the 30th November 2012 he setup a forum on aaronmch.me.uk.

Up until that point, there had been several discussions around what the future of the server should be. Both Aaron and Doomworks were involved in Nick's show, EuleNation, and there were discussions around making the server part of EuleNation. Similarly, it was also recognized that there was a need for a modded Minecraft server in the Serenity community. Given these two options, Aaron made the decision to keep the server in the Serenity community. After a short discussion with Tj, on the 2nd December 2012 Aaron registered SerenityTekkit.net, and moved the server address and forums to the new domain.

After the server became SerenityTekkit, it remained hosted on Aaron's home server, until Christmas day 2012 when Aaron leased a server with OVH in their newly built Montreal Data Centre. The server had an Intel i3-2130 processor with 8 GB of RAM, which was enough to run the server. Several days later with the help of Bengarrr, the Tekkit server was successfully moved and setup on the new OVH server.

The Tekkit Lite Server

The Tekkit Classic server (at the time this was simply Tekkit) continued until Technic released Tekkit Lite. It was decided to move to Tekkit Lite and on the 15th February 2013, the Tekkit Lite server opened for closed beta to a select group of members. On the 23rd February, the server moved to open beta. During this time, a lot of the group that had played on Tekkit Classic had moved on, and many had lost interest. During this period Aaron and Nick promoted Darklord to Admin. However, Darklord, Nick and Doomworks became inactive, and this left the future of the server up to Aaron.

One month later on the 22nd March 2013, the Tekkit Lite server was publicly opened. Around about this time another group of Serenity players formed SerenityFTB - who launched the FTB Mindcrack server at roughly the same time. Over the coming months, tensions between the two servers became quite high, however both servers attracted many new players and they thrived in popularity. After the launch, many of the staff were either demoted or resigned due to inactivity - including CjayJenkins and Doomworks. Over time, SerenityTekkit formed it's own community and was -for the majority of the time- separated from the rest of the Serenity community. New staff members were promoted to Moderator, and on the 3rd May 2013, one of the remaining original moderators LeafToucher (a long time friend of both Aaron and Nick) was promoted to Admin.

Not long after this, the server began experiencing extended periods of regular crashes. This lead to many regular players leaving. To combat this, Aaron introduced a new role: Backend Support Staff. Doomworks was the first to be given this role, and was welcomed back to the staff. Not long after, Darklord moved from Admin to BES, and then Cjay was welcome back to the staff into this role. A turning point in the Community

Near the end of June, Cjay and w0rldz (who was a Moderator at the time), both resigned after a disagreement. As a result, Aaron asked a long-time friend and Admin on the MC server, Cedicine, if he would take up a position as a BES Staff member. Cedicine accepted the position, and a few days later Aaron announced to Serenity that he was leaving for one month. During this time no one filled the 'Owner' role, however Cedicine and LeafToucher took on his responsibilities. Near the start of July, Darklord (who was also an Admin on FTB) asked Cedicine to also take up a temporary position as a FTB admin while he went on holiday.

Near the middle of July, a step forward was made in cross-server relationships between the Serenity servers. For the first time, all three of the Serenity server's in-game chat was linked through IRC. This was mainly welcomed by the community, however some members of the Tekkit community were apposed to this change. At the end of July when Aaron returned, Cedicine proposed that a new role be created, which is now known as Community Admin. This was partly in response to the issues on both the Tekkit and FTB servers. This included the tensions between the two servers that had existed in the past, and the general separation felt by the community at a large.

Over the oncoming months, the Tekkit community began to integrate more into the rest of the Serenity community. Darklord was promoted to Community Admin, and on the 21st December (which was a little bit over a year since the Tekkit server started) the Tekkit forum was archived for viewing only, and the new forums were setup on the now SerenityGames Forum.

The end of Tekkit Lite

On the 23 February 2014 Aaron put out a forum post from the Server Administration, the post explained that a decision had been taken to close the server at the end of the month. The server would remain closed until Tekkit for Minecraft 1.7 is released and launch a new server using the new Tekkit mudpack, however this never came to fruition and the server remains a distant memory.