Time Capsule
A vault bringing together the 8 year history from Exodus, Serenity Games and New Eden


Exodus Server was the first era of this community, it was created when a group of Minecraft players broke off from another server, known as Genesis which they had previously been playing on. Airyina, Soddie, ilikewaterha and Candlehawk were a part of this group, with Airyina taking the role of Owner.

As of writing the official starting date of Exodus is unclear, the original Minecraft Forum thread advertising the server was created on 25 October 2010, however the Serenity Games Wiki suggests Exodus actually started on 26 September 2010.

According to DomainHistory.net on 7 December 2011 the first domain exodusserver.com was registered.

Exodus Server quickly became a popular server and the community began to develop, notible members including deltr, bengarrr and spike66 joined, on 7 November 2010 tjbenator joined Exodus.

On 29 December 2010 deltr became an admin. Some time after this, around January 2011, deltr, spike66 and bengarrr purchased a new box and deltr became Owner of the server. Deltr remained Owner for around 3 months. At this point he decided to step down due to time constraints. He handed ownership back to Airyina.


7 March 2011, a major turning point in the history of Exodus and Serenity.

On that day, the Owner, Airyina stole all of the donations from the server PayPal account for his own use, leaving it at a balance of $0. He stated that he "wanted the money he put into the server back". Airyina then proceeded to take down the server and all related websites/forums, effectively destroying Exodus.

With the server box cancelled and no funds remaining, the future of the server looked grim. However, the community was notified and in an outstanding show of love and loyalty, $400+ was raised by the players in a few days in an effort to keep the server up. This was successful, and the server lived on. Many players were lost during this time and Airyina is still remembered with distaste.

Deltr temporarily stepped back into the role of Owner until a new owner could be found. Not long after this, Tjbenator stepped into the role, and the Exodus Server officially became known as Serenity Minecraft.

The new welcoming message was simply this: "What was Exodus, is now Serenity. A fresh start, with a new name. Welcome."


On 5 March 2012 AaronMcH joined Serenity after invitation from his friend Cedicine, not long after he became the first Web Developer after tjbenator asked him to re-design the forums, then later that year he became a Moderator.

After developing many friendships with those in the community, on 11 November 2012 Aaron setup a Tekkit Clasic server for the community. The server was initially know as "Aaron's Epic Tekkit Server", then later became SerenityTekkit.

For more details about the history of SerenityTekkit see the SerenityTekkit page.


At around February 2013 the Tekkit Classic server closed and was replaced by a Tekkit Lite server which publicly launched on 23 February 2013.

Around the same time a group of players from SerenityMC decided they wanted to setup an FTB server, the group consisted of Plainguy, Boxman, Doomworks, Candlehawk and Darklord, the group worked with Tjbenator to set up the server as an official Serenity server under the name SerenityFTB, on the 17 March 2013 the server publicly launched.

For more details about the history of SerenityFTB see the SerenityFTB page.

After both new servers launched they began to develop there own communities, Tekkit had it's own website and forums, while FTB had a section on the SerenityMC Forums.

Over the coming months some efforts were made to integrate the three servers closer, SerenityGames was created which transformed the SerenityMC Forums and Ventrilo Server into a equally shared hub for all servers.

SerenityGames also resulted in closer communication between the staff and administration of all servers, shared Skype groups were created and the Community Admin role was created which served as an Administrator on all three servers and ensured the staff and community acted as one.


On the 23 February 2014 Aaron announced the closure of the Tekkit server which was due to a lack of players, plans were made for the server to reopen in the future, however this never materialised.

On the 25 June 2014 it was announced that due to a lack of interest and lack of donations the SerenityMC server would be closing, many tributes from across the community came in from members old and new.

A few months later SerenityFTB fell to the same fate and closed (more info needed).

On 1 December 2014, Aaron, Fisk and MLB decided they wanted to start a Minecraft server, they created a Skype group and added many of the prominent members of the community to it, at its peak the group had around to 70 members.

Before the end of that day the initial server was up and it was decided that we needed a fresh start. This meant that the server should be the next continuation of the community, and so a discussion took place around what the name should be, as well as a vote on the Serenity Games Forums.

The vote closed with the name Tranqulity as the winner, however on 13 December 2014 Aaron, Fisk and MLB announced they made the decision to go with New Eden as the name, which came in second place by 1 vote. The decision was controversial, however the administration wanted a name which meant something to the community and so picked New Eden. New Eden being the name of an architectural creative world on SerenityMC, filled with wonderous creations and a beautiful custom terrain.